JAG Schools

JAG Indiana works with schools across the state to assist students in preventing potential dropout issues for those who have significant barriers to graduation.

The map allows you to filter results by Economic Growth Region and by County. The Economic Growth Region encompasses a multiple county view. The County view will focus on the specific county you select from the drop down menu.

Economic Growth Region

Indiana is divided into 12 Economic Growth Regions (EGRs) as defined by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. To filter the results by Economic Growth Region, please select the region in the drop down menu that most matches your area of interest. The map delineates the region boundaries. To use the EGR selection, please make sure the County selection is set to ALL.


The dropdown menu under County allows you to select a single county of reference or select multiple counties. By selecting the county/counties of your choice, the map will populate those JAG locations by county.

For more information on the JAG Program or implementing a program in your school, please click here.