Models & Strategic Initiatives

JAG has been full of opportunities for me. It has provided me with a much needed support system that included making friends, making money, learning how to dress professionally and most importantly, challenging me to build my skills and my future. JAG has, and will always be, a big part of me.

Roy Thomas
2017 JAG Indiana Outstanding Senior
And Graduate, Anderson High School

JAG Indiana Models

Model Description
Multi-Year (MY) Multi-year programs serve students in 11th and 12th grade (juniors/seniors) primarily however, there are cases where MY JAG Indiana programs will include students younger than 11th grade on a case by case basis.
Out of School (OOS) Out of School programs specialize in serving students who have previously dropped out of high school and are pursuing their High School Equivalency (HSE).
Alternative Education (AE) These programs specialize in serving students that are currently in an alternative education program.
College Success Program College Success Programs are customized to serve JAG Indiana students into their post-secondary educational careers. There are currently two programs such as these in the state, at the Ivy Tech Community College campus in Fort Wayne and University.

JAG Indiana Career Associations

Each JAG Indiana program has a student-led Career Association.

Students elect their peers to various officer positions and the Career Association focuses on a service learning topic that addresses a need in their community. For the 2019-2020 school year, the statewide service learning initiative was "JAG in Action" where students identified and addressed a concern unique to their local communities.

Previous service learning initiatives have included Mental Health Awareness, Anti-bullying, Teen Suicide Prevention, Addressing the Needs of the Homeless, Honoring Hoosier Veterans, and more!