Rock Splitters, Quarry:

Separate blocks of rough dimension stone from quarry mass using jackhammer and wedges.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary $34,650.00
Average Time to Fill 0 days
Typical Education High school equivalency
Typical Experience Up to and including 1 month
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 210
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) 6.62 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Attention to Detail
Work Ethic
Following Directions
Information Gathering

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Detonate blasting charges for construction or extraction work
Charge blasting holes with explosives
Operate detonation equipment
Follow construction, extraction, or mining related safety procedures and regulations

Handling and Moving Objects

Prepare explosives for detonation
Don/Doff construction, extraction, or mining related Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Shape stone, tile, brick, or related masonry products
Cut masonry material such as stone, tile, or brick
Drill holes in earth or rock for activities such as blasting

Estimating the Quantifiable Characteristics of Products, Events, or Information

Determine locations, angles, and depths of blast holes or other related drill sites
Measure workpieces for reference points or cutting lines
Perform extraction or mining related measurements
Determine amount or kind of explosive needed to complete job

Operating Vehicles, Mechanized Devices, or Equipment

Operate heavy construction equipment
Operate power or hand tools in construction, extraction, or mining environments
Operate mining equipment or machinery
Operate material or personnel moving, lifting, loading, or unloading equipment
Drive automobile, van, or light truck

Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings

Monitor operation of drilling equipment
Monitor construction, extraction, or mining equipment operation to detect problems
Detect installation, maintenance, or repair concerns by listening for abnormalities
Maintain consistent production quality

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