Librarians and Media Collections Specialists:

Administer and maintain libraries or collections of information, for public or private access through reference or borrowing. Work in a variety of settings, such as educational institutions, museums, and corporations, and with various types of informational materials, such as books, periodicals, recordings, films, and databases. Tasks may include acquiring, cataloging, and circulating library materials, and user services such as locating and organizing information, providing instruction on how to access information, and setting up and operating a library's media equipment.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary $48,360.00
Average Time to Fill 38 days
Typical Education Bachelor's degree
Typical Experience
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 2,607
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) 7.94 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Critical Thinking
Information Gathering
Attention to Detail
Oral Communication
Computer Fundamentals
Written Communication
Resource Management
Technology and Tool Usage
Customer Service
Following Directions
Relationship Building
Learning Orientation
Work Ethic

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Training and Teaching Others

Organize informational materials
Develop instructional materials
Prepare operational reports or presentations
Prepare educational reports or presentations
Organize educational material or ideas
Develop educational presentations
Establish educational, instructional, or training policies, procedures, or standards
Prepare audio-visual teaching aids
Develop educational and instructional programs
Develop museum, library, or archive policies, procedures, or standards
Train others in the use of library or museum related equipment
Prepare tests
Develop lesson, course, or training objectives
Select teaching materials
Adapt course of study to meet student needs
Select method of instruction
Prepare instruction manuals
Write informational material
Teach others how to use audio-visual materials
Develop training materials
Update instructional or educational curricula
Train library or museum personnel
Create learning materials with technology-based delivery systems
Train others in the use of computer or network related equipment
Train others in computer or software use
Teach others to use technology or equipment
Organize training procedure manuals
Coordinate educational events
Manage educational content
Update knowledge of formal and informal learning activities
Evaluate student performance
Develop teaching aids
Develop educational assessment materials
Teach post-secondary courses
Prepare sales or marketing-based reports or presentations
Evaluate students for needs, skills, or educational potential
Monitor student progress
Administer tests to assess educational needs or progress
Teach work related or interest-based courses
Guide class discussions
Coordinate employee continuing education programs
Identify training needs
Tutor students who need extra assistance
Teach online courses
Teach principles of medicine
Assess individual or community needs for educational or social services
Train staff members in social services skills
Facilitate educational, training, or developmental program workshops

Thinking Creatively

Develop library or archival databases
Design library displays
Develop complex computer databases
Write public sector or institutional research and grant proposals
Develop index systems
Develop computer, network, or database policies, procedures, or standards
Develop computer or information security policies or procedures
Develop social media policies and programs
Write educational research or project grant proposals
Develop basic financial data repositories or databases
Develop basic data repositories or databases
Develop simple informational data repositories or databases
Write articles, books, or other original materials in area of expertise
Write copy for client websites
Write articles concerning the news or analysis commentary
Practice creative writing and development
Develop advertising, marketing, or promotional materials
Develop business or organizational policies, programs, or standards
Develop historical or art museum exhibits or promotional materials
Design data security systems
Develop public policies, procedures, or standards
Develop web content
Develop records management systems
Design marketing and support materials
Convey moods or emotions through writing
Write computer programs or code
Optimize software performance
Develop operational policies and standards
Develop advertising or marketing policies, procedures, or standards
Develop staff policies
Write headlines to highlight news message
Develop tools to diagnose or assess needs
Design advertising layout
Write advertising copy
Develop sales presentations
Capture photographs digitally or on film

Processing Information

Organize reference materials
Compile bibliographies of specialized materials
Catalog materials or artifacts for reference
Sort books or publications
Maintain historical materials
Record historical information
Compile numerical or statistical data
Sort mail letters or packages by hand
Compile data or information related to social service or health programs
Compile operational data
Sort materials or products for processing, storing, shipping, or grading

Monitoring and Controlling Resources

Monitor library, museum, or institution resources
Distribute instructional or library materials
Order supplies, materials, or equipment
Purchase materials, equipment, or other resources
Inventory items to be reordered or returned
Monitor inventories of products or materials
Maintain inventory records
Manage inventories or supplies
Develop operational budgets
Administer educational, research, or work related grants
Manage operational budgets
Control library, museum, or institution resources
Maintain parts or equipment inventory
Acquire works for collection
Identify internal or external resources to support project
Manage program or project budgets
Requisition stock, materials, supplies, or equipment
Issue supplies, materials, or equipment
Collect deposits, payments, funding, or fees

Performing Administrative Activities

Answer questions from customers or the public
Index information resources
Retrieve files or charts
File documents, records, or related materials
Perform administrative or clerical duties such as typing, accepting orders, or sorting mail
Distribute informational bulletins
Process library materials
Perform student enrollment or registration activities
Manage clerical or administrative activities
Collate printed materials
Send information, materials or documentation
Deliver items such as mail, messages, records, or files
Rent items to customer
Date stamp items such as messages, mail, or other documents
Provide clerical assistance to customers or patients
Issue identification documents to employees, members, or visitors

Performing for or Working Directly with the Public

Provide customer service
Help patrons use library or archival resources
Provide assistance or direction to customers
Assist patrons with locating files, reports, or miscellaneous literature
Assist public with using reference tools or finding materials
Assist public with the selection of books or literature
Resolve customer or public complaints or problems
Procure items or gifts for guests, clients, or meetings

Interacting With Computers

Maintain computer software or code
Maintain network systems
Solve software problems
Troubleshoot computer hardware problems
Solve computer hardware problems
Maintain complex computer databases
Troubleshoot computer network problems
Assist users with software or hardware problems
Troubleshoot computer database problems
Upload data to website or online server for information sharing
Debug computer programs or code
Communicate information using social media
Configure computer networks
Install software applications
Integrate software into different types of pre-existing environments, architectures, or systems
Operate computers or computerized equipment
Enter information into databases or software programs
Perform website maintenance
Install hardware, software, or peripheral equipment
Implement security measures for computer or information systems
Plan computer security measures
Enter codes into computers to set or operate equipment
Create data backups to prevent loss of information
Modify computer network systems
Update database information

Getting Information

Research library or museum related information
Research topics for educational media productions
Research education or training related information using library or internet
Search files, databases, or reference materials to obtain needed information
Collect information technology related data
Develop message to be shared in speeches, debates, or press conferences
Conduct information technology product research
Collect statistical data
Monitor social media to refine business use and strategies
Gather information for news stories
Conduct meetings to gather information technology related information such as network or software issues, or product development
Read computer or software documentation to solve technical problems
Conduct interviews to gather education related information
Conduct business, market, or managerial research
Research information for news programs and broadcasts
Review information technology related work orders
Investigate customer complaints

Documenting/Recording Information

Maintain operational records, files, or reports
Maintain public records
Maintain educational records
Record student progress
Maintain computer networks to enhance performance and user access
Store records or related materials
Document operational activities
Prepare reports detailing student activities or performance
Maintain social service program records
Write technical specifications for software or applications
Write technical specifications for computer systems
Write documentation for software, applications, or computer operation
Document operational procedures for information technology work
Write documentation for hardware maintenance tasks
Prepare research-based technical reports or presentations
Develop sales or marketing videos
Document network maintenance activities or tasks
Determine digital or film exposure settings
Develop entertainment videos

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