Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage:

Appraise automobile or other vehicle damage to determine repair costs for insurance claim settlement. Prepare insurance forms to indicate repair cost or cost estimates and recommendations. May seek agreement with automotive repair shop on repair costs.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary $76,100.00
Average Time to Fill 41 days
Typical Education Associate's degree
Typical Experience Over 1 year, up to and including 2 years
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 30
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) -4.75 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Attention to Detail
Written Communication
Information Gathering
Critical Thinking
Resource Allocation
Oral Communication
Following Directions
Work Ethic
Numerical and Arithmetic Application

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Getting Information

Conduct interviews to gather insurance related information
Interview witnesses, suspects, or claimants
Analyze evidence or facts
Review insurance policies to determine appropriate coverage
Investigate insurance claims

Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material

Inspect vehicle body to determine extent of damages and repairs needed
Inspect vehicle to detect malfunctions or maintenance needed
Examine returned parts for defects
Inspect property for condition, damage, or deterioration

Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Appraise personal property or equipment
Determine the value of goods or services
Appraise value of documents, manuscripts, photographs, or artifacts

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Booster Skills & Certifications

Job Seekers possessing booster skills & certifications, such as those listed below, added to core skills are more marketable, harder to find and expensive to hire.

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Skill or Certification Certi - fication Hard to Fill Expensive to Fill
Claims Knowledge
Negotiation Skills
Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification
Vehicle Construction
Prospective Clients
Cost Control
Vehicle Inspection
Adjuster License
Claims Processing

Related Licensing Requirements

Licensed Insurance Agent (18-0000000041)

In order to obtain a license, candidates must: Be at least 18 years of age. Successfully pass the examination administered by the Department of Insurance. Have completed an approved insurance agent program of study not more than six months before application for the license. Pay all application an examination fees. Requirements vary slightly for out-of-state applicants, and applicants from certain regions may be required to present a Surety Bond in favor of Indiana. Licenses are renewed every two years. More detailed information may be obtained from the Indiana Department of Insurance.

- Department of Insurance (3172322385)

Department of Workforce Development Resources