Musicians and Singers:

Play one or more musical instruments or sing. May perform on stage, for on-air broadcasting, or for sound or video recording.

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About the Job

Indiana Average Salary
Average Time to Fill 0 days
Typical Education Post-secondary certificate or some college courses
Typical Experience
10 Year Projected Openings (2016-2026) 4,473
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2016-2026) 14.31 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Oral Communication
Attention to Detail
Critical Thinking
Information Gathering
Customer Service
Intellectual Risk-taking
Conflict Management

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Thinking Creatively

Convey moods or emotions through music
Express creativity through music, song, dance, or acting
Portray roles using gesture or body movement
Rehearse role independently from script to learn lines
Tell stories through musical, visual, or dramatic arts
Perform musical selections for audiences or recordings
Create artistic objects, materials, or renderings
Choreograph dance sequences
Perform music for the public
Create musical compositions, arrangements, or scores
Determine locale or period of story

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